is a gathering place for users and developers of algorithm visualizations and animations (AVs). It is a gateway to AV-related services, collections, and resources. changes servers is now running on a new server. Hopefully this change will be totally invisible to you. But if you notice anything that seems to be behaving incorrectly, please let us know!


JFLAP source code available at OpenAlgoViz


We are pleased to announce a new contribution to the OpenAlgoViz repository:  the source code for the award-winning JFLAP software, which visualizes finite and pushdown automata, Turing machines, and other concepts in formal languages. Click to learn more about JFLAP and how to get it.

UPDATED: JHAVE Demo Videos on YouTube

One of the best ways to learn how to use an AV is to watch someone else use it. Unless you have a knowledgeable classmate, professor, or colleague on-site, this means you'll need to watch a tutorial video. The JHAVÉ group recently started posting demonstration videos of their AVs on YouTube, like the one above on DFS. Read on to learn more about the videos and about JHAVÉ.

New AV Catalog Released!

After several months of work, the AlgoViz team is pleased to announce the release of our new catalog of Algorithm Visualizations. This site — — is the successor of the original AlgoViz Wiki, whose most significant achievement was the comprehensive catalog of over 500 AVs. Until recently, clicking on the "AV Catalog" link at the top of this page would have taken you back to the original catalog at the Wiki. Now we have finally completed the initial stages of our port of the Wiki catalog to

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