Guidelines for Creating Field Reports

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Field Reports are meant to give instructors an opportunity to report actual experiences with specific AVs in specific course settings. We would appreciate if reporters would use the following conventions in making their reports.
  1. Each report should come as a separate thread in this subforum. The first post to the thread is the report itself. Members of the community are invited to discuss the report in further posts.
  2. Reports should begin with a header containing the following fields: Instructor: [Name of course instructor] Location: [Name of institution where the event took place] Term: [Academic semester, quarter, or term when the event took place] Course: [Name of the course] AV Link: [Link to the AV. As an alternative, a link to the AlgoViz Wiki catalog entry for the AV.]
  3. Following the header should be a text description of what happened, including an assessment on how successful the event proved to be.
  4. Feel free to attach any documents or files that will help describe the event.

Cheers! -AJ