JSAV version 0.7.0 released

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JSAV version 0.7.0 has been released.

Changes in version 0.7:



  - support for graph data structure

  - support for pointer object

  - support for 2D arrays (or, matrices)

  - added path graphical primitive

  - added support for relative positioning of objects

* numerous new minor features

* numerous bug fixes in grading, trees, bar array



Perhaps you have been wondering if we are still around? :) It has been a long time since we posted here about new releases. But JSAV has undergone a lot of development since 0.6.0. (When we hit 170 revisions we realized that it was long past time for an official release!)


Besides the obvious addition of graph layout support, there have been other important additions like pointers, 2D arrays, some prettying up of the graphics, and tons of bug fixes and minor improvements. We are debating when to go to official 1.0.0 status. Maybe soon.


Meanwhile, there has been a lot of development on the OpenDSA content front. We have a new chapter on Lists (which features a new, "more visual" approach to content presentation with lots of mini slideshows). The chapters on trees and graphs are coming along. By the end of the year, there should also be additional content on file processing, searching, and indexing. To see how things are coming along, take a look at http://algoviz.org/Books.


There is also a lot happening in terms of OpenDSA infrastructure support. Some highlights include a fairly sophisticated configuration system for defining the contents of a "Book" and the exercises it contains, and initial support for making "coursenotes".