JFLAP source code available at OpenAlgoViz


We are pleased to announce that Susan Rodger of Duke University has contributed the source code for the award-winning JFLAP project to the OpenAlgoViz repository.

Dr. Rodger explains JFLAP:

"JFLAP is software for experimenting with formal language topics including nondeterministic finite automata, nondeterministic pushdown automata, multi-tape Turing machines, several types of grammars, parsing, and L-systems. In addition to constructing and testing examples for these, JFLAP allows one to experiment with construction proofs from one form to another, such as converting an NFA to a DFA to a minimal state DFA to a regular expression or regular grammar. JFLAP has been under development since 1990 by Professor Susan Rodger and her students, first at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and then at Duke University since 1994. JFLAP evolved from many tools including FLAP, NPDA, JeLLRap, LR Parser and Pate."

Find more information and online tutorials on JFLAP at www.jflap.org.

You can try out JFLAP by downloading it from OpenAlgoViz in .JAR format. To view the sourcecode, check out an up-to-date copy from the OAV Subversion repository.