UPDATED: JHAVE Demo Videos on YouTube

One of the best ways to learn how to use an AV is to watch someone else use it. Unless you have a knowledgeable classmate, professor, or colleague on-site, this means you'll need to watch a video demonstration. The JHAVÉ group recently started posting some excellent demo videos of their AVs on YouTube, like the one above on Depth-First-Search. 

Tom Naps, one of the principal investigators for the JHAVÉ project, had this to say about the videos:

"Our motivation for doing these grew out of discussions at last spring's SIGCSE meeting in Milwaukee, where there did seem to be universal agreement that providing such a use-case video would hopefully be a good way of "baiting the hook" to ultimately get more educators and students to actually take the more time-consuming step of running the real AV and exploring its nuances. If people can quickly see how an AV is intended to be used in such a video, then they don't have to waste any effort trying to figure it out and, when they actually do run it, their time is more productively spent."

The JHAVÉ group also has videos on their Red-Black Tree and several sorting AVs, all created and narrated by Eric Schultz of UW-Oshkosh (schule52@uwosh.edu). See the rest on their YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/jhavedotorg. (You can learn more about JHAVÉ by visiting their website at jhave.org, or by searching our Catalog, Field Reports, and Bibliography.)

We really wish more AV developers would create videos like these.

Do you know of any other AV videos out there?