AlgoViz Badging System has implemented a badging program to acknowledge the contributions of its members.

Many common activities that you do at the site will earn credit toward new badges.

This lets other users see who are the active members and contributing citizens on the site.

The following badges are now available:

  • Black Belt: Black Belt (highest level)
  • Red Belt: Red Belt
  • Green Belt: Green Belt
  • Yellow Belt: Yellow Belt
  • White Belt: White Belt (lowest level)

Activities can earn differing numbers of points. Major contributions will move you through the badge ranks faster than minor contributions. Activities that earn points include:

  • Major contributions: Adding a catalog entry, field report, or bibliography entry.
  • Minor contributions: Adding comments/ratings for a catalog entry, participating in a forum discussion.

Re: AlgoViz Badging System

This explains the red belt. I just logged in to show some of my coworkers the site. Keep up the good work, guys. :)