New AV Catalog Released!

After several months of work, the AlgoViz team is pleased to announce the release of our new catalog of Algorithm Visualizations. This site — — is the successor of the original AlgoViz Wiki, whose most significant achievement was the comprehensive catalog of over 500 AVs. Until recently, clicking on the "AV Catalog" link at the top of this page would have taken you back to the original catalog at the Wiki. Now we have finally completed the initial stages of our port of the Wiki catalog to

This new catalog implementation provides the opportunity for major restructuring, leading to far better search features than we could provide at the Wiki. The old catalog was organized into a strict hierarchy of topics. The new catalog is a collection of database records, with entries consisting of a series of fields. The "topic" field, for instance, can now take on any appropriate list of topics (instead of a single topic within a rigid hierarchy). Searching can now be done on the full text of the entry. Clicking on any tagged item (such as a topic, a recommendation, a delivery method, etc.) in an entry will take you to a list of similar AVs. The new catalog setup allows us to support a richer collection of information about each AV, including screenshots, links to videos, and integration with the Annotated Bibliography.

Over the coming months, we will be doing much more with the catalog. At present, we do not provide good access to the full list of topics for easy browsing of the catalog — that will come soon. The search box at the top of the current implementation is now pretty plain. It will be fleshed out to allow for convenient search by filtering on various fields. The content will be filled out, restoring and adding to the screen shots, adding bibliography links, and so on.

We ask you to help us with the effort. You can easily add ratings and comments to catalog entries. Soon, search results will be rank ordered by a relevence formula that will include ratings information. If you are an AV developer, please provide us with screenshots and links to published papers. Any other improvements that can be made to catalog entries are welcome. And feedback on the catalog organization and services would be appreciated! You can send us email or start a forum topic.