2010 AlgoViz Awards Winners and the AlgoViz Hall of Fame

At SIGCSE 2010, we announced the winners of the first annual AlgoViz Awards. There were two winners in each of three award categories, for a total of six winning AVs, all chosen by you! These six winners — as well as one additional AV — are the first inductees into the new AlgoViz Hall of Fame. You can our video presentation of the winners at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLT_AKgYJYk,

So without further ado, the 2010 winners are:

Standalone AV, CS1/CS2 Topics

First Place: Radix Sort, Algorithm Visualization Research Group, Virginia Tech

Second Place: Quicksort, Algorithms in Action, University of Melbourne

Standalone AV, Advanced Topics

First Place: Closest Pair of Points, ALVIE, University of Florence (Hightest all-around average rating)

Second Place: AVL-tree Insertion Exercise, TRAKLA2, Helsinki Institute of Technology


First Place: Binary Heap Tutorial, TRAKLA2, Helsinki Institute of Technology

Second Place: Interactive Hashing Tutorial, Algorithm Visualization Research Group, Virginia Tech

We also picked an additional AV to be an honorary inductee:  Ronald Baecker's "Sorting Out Sorting". This 1980 video is often cited as the first algorithm visualization, so it was natural that we include it in the Hall of Fame.

What do you think of the winners of the 2010 AlgoViz.org Awards?