The Algorithm Visualization Catalog is a comprehensive collection of links to algorithm visualizations, or AVs.

Catalog Field Description

Here is a brief description of the fields that make up a catalog entry. Click on any field name to get more details about that field.

Link The URL from which this AV can be obtained.

Topic The topic(s) addressed by the AV, selected from this list.

Recommendation A rating for the AV’s suitability for use in the context of a Lecture Aide, Self-study Supplement, Standalone, or Debugging Aide. Choices for each rating are: Recommended, Has Potential, or Not Recommended.

Works Indicates whether the AV can be made to work. Yes or No, or Unavailable if it is no longer reachable on the Internet.

Delivery Method The technology or environment used to deliver the AV.

Project The name of the project or collection (if any) that this AV is associated with.

Project Relationship How the AV relates to its associated project.

Language The natural language(s) (English, etc.) that the AV is presented in.

Author The author(s)/creator(s) of the AV.

Institution Name of the institution where the AV was created or is associated with.

Activity Level A list of descriptive features such as how the AV is controlled and how test data sets are provided.

Source Code License Indicates status of sourcecode availability, and the license type if there is one.

First published When the AV was first made available.

Last modified When the AV was last modified.

Description Free-form text providing an objectivel description of the AV.

Evaluation Free-form text providing an evaluation for the AV. Ideally will indicate good and bad aspects of the AV.

Usage Notes Free-form text describing how to get the AV running.

Reference Links to bibliography entries related to the AV.