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Software visualization as a pedagogical tool

TitleSoftware visualization as a pedagogical tool
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsEisenstadt, M., B. A. Price, and J. Domingue
JournalInstructional Science

This article considers the philosophical question of how best to teach programming to computer science students. Interested in providing computer-based support for instruction, the authors use a critique of intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) as a basis for motivating their approach. Their main concern is that past computer-based environments, which are designed only to handle small programs, simply cannot handle the large, industrial strength programs that students will ultimately be expected to implement as industrial programmers. The authors condemn the extant disparity between learning environments and advanced programming environments, proposing instead that computer-based programming environments should be able to take "the life-long learner from metaphorical cradle to grave". The authors' focus, then, is on the development of "programming environments that scale up to the needs of experts", whose primary strength is the "clear visualizations" that they provide. They motivate this focus by sharing their experiences at the Open University. They then discuss software visualization and their SV philosophy, concluding with a presentation of Viz, which uses an approach calld fail-safe algorithm fragment recognition to facilitate automatic visualizations that scale up to large programs.